Sharpening Techniques with Capture NX 2


Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2 (Video Workshop)
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If you are serious about your images, then it's time to get serious about sharpening. Sharpening is probably the most misunderstood technique in digital post processing.  Let Capture NX master Jason P. Odell teach you a comprehensive and powerful set of techniques for sharpening your masterpieces. 

This high-definition (HD)video workshop will get you up to speed in no time.

Sharpening Techniques with Capture NX 2 will teach you:

  • Why sharpening images is critical
  • How sharpening tools function
  • Why Picture Control Sharpening is the least effective way to sharpen NEFs
  • Unsharp Mask Techniques for different image types
  • High Pass Techniques, including contour sharpening
  • How to apply sharpening selectively to avoid artifacts
  • The three-step sharpening workflow
  • Output Sharpening for Print and Web


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Tech Specs

  • 60 minute video workshop narrated by Jason P. Odell
  • HD 720p resolution (1280 x 720) for crisp screen images
  • QuickTime Format (.mov)
  • Indexed with chapters for easy Navigation
  • File Download size: ~583 MB

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Please note that you will need to download the ZIP archive to a PC/Mac before transferring the files to an iPad or other tablet device.


The 720p QuickTime video (.mov) is indexed with Chapters for easy Navigation.
Jason Odell will walk you through all the sharpening tools in Capture NX 2 in a straightforward, easy style.
High-resolution video lets you see all the screen detail (Click image for a full-size screen shot)


Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2 is available as a digital download (~583 MB).

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"Thank you for producing the Sharpening instruction video for CNX2. I purchased and downloaded today and found it really clear and easy to follow. Great addition to your CNX2 ebook and other support videos." -- Eamon O.

"I just downloaded and watched your new video Sharpening Techniques for Capture NX 2. It is excellent, excellent, excellent!" -- Philip N.

"I just purchased and watched your sharpening tutorial. What a wealth of information, I'm sure it will take several viewings to absorb it all (and lots of practice). This is a great addition to your Capture e-book, which I've used for more than a year."-- Rob E.

"This sharpening technique-video is very well done. Amazing results and a so clear and easy to understand video." -- Steinar K.

"You are an excellent teacher. Your presentation is clear and very informative. It is an excellent blend of theory and practice. I've been using Nikon Capture, now NX2, for a long time, but you have given me new insight into the sharpening process." -- Robert C.

"Jason: gotta tell you that the $25.00 I spent for your video was about the best $25.00 I ever spent. ...having a video where I could take notes and re-review a segment was the best way to truly understand the subject for me." -- Richard S.

"I have found Jason's ebooks on Capture NX 1.3 and NX 2 to be invaluable. I found this new video on the complex and almost dark art of sharpening to be a 'blinding flash of inspiration'. I immediately adopted a new workflow and I can see that my images are much improved. "-- Mark A.