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How to Photograph the Super BLOOD Moon Eclipse

Photographing the moon isn't as easy as it may seem. Check out my tips for lunar photography before the total eclipse Sept. 27th.
Photographing the moon isn’t as easy as it may seem. Check out my tips for lunar photography before the total eclipse Sept. 27th.

Lunar Eclipse Photo Tips

When it comes to night photography, the moon is one of the more challenging subjects. Most of North and South America will be treated to a total lunar eclipse the evening of January 20th. Here are my tips for photographing this celestial event.

When to see the super blood moon eclipse

Lunar Eclipse Photo Tip #1: Bring out the big glass

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A Thanksgiving Message from Jason

happy thanksgiving from Jason Odell

Hi friends and fellow photography enthusiasts! Once again, it’s time to say thanks and reflect on the past year. I just want to reach out to everyone and offer my deepest thanks to all of you who have continued to support me over the last eight years. Whether it’s been through books, online training, or joining me on my workshops and tours, you all have a special place in my world.

It’s been a busy year for me, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for photography, travel and education. You have all helped make this dream of mine possible, and for that I will forever be grateful. Whether you celebrate thanksgiving in the US this week or not, please know that I am thankful to each of you and I wish you and your families all the best this holiday season.

Ebook Sale!

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2019 Instructional Photo Tour Schedule Released

Instructional Photo Tours with Jason P. Odell

Expert Guidance | Hands-on Instruction | Amazing Locations

I’m pleased to announce my 2019 Instructional Photo Tours, and I’ve got some pretty popular locations lined up for us to photograph.

On my photo tours, I will:

  • Put you in a position to succeed before the shot
  • Make sure you understand how to set up your camera
  • Show you how to process your images for maximum impact
  • Keep group sizes small so that you have creative freedom in the field

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Just Released: Updated Lightroom Videos

Lightroom Training Videos for Serious Enthusiasts

Lightroom tutorial videos
Discover the power of editing your RAW images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Over the last year, Adobe has made a lot of significant updates to Lightroom, especially in the Develop Module. I’ve spent the last month updating my comprehensive video tutorials to cover the new features found in Lightroom Classic CC. The updated video tutorials cover the sort of details that you won’t find in a basic Lightroom class.

In Advanced Masking with Lightroom Classic CC, I take an in-depth look at how you can use brushes and gradients to produce fine-art quality photographs. New features include gradient overlays, brush refinements, and the two new range masking options. I even show you how you can create Luminosity Masks and gaussian blurs in Lightroom!

In Advanced Sharpening with Lightroom Classic CC, you’ll get a deep dive into Lightroom’s Detail Panel, where you’ll learn to control the effects of sharpening and noise reduction on your images. I’ve also included a new section on using Adobe Photoshop for creative sharpening.

Both video tutorials are presented in high-definition QuickTime format and include  printable PDF notes.

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Creating Selection Masks & Luminosity Masks in Lightroom

Live Online Lightroom Training

When: Thursday, October 11th 7pm Eastern Time (4pm Pacific)
Where: Live Online Class via GoToMeeting

Did you know you can create Luminosity Masks in Lightroom?

Advanced Lightroom Training with Jason Odell
Discover the power of selection masks in Lightroom and learn to create luminosity masks, too!

Adobe continues to add power and funtcionality to Lightroom Classic CC. In this online class (live via GoToMeeting), I’ll be presenting an in-depth look at the local selection (Masking) tools that Lightroom Classic CC offers to photographers. We use selection tools to make adjustments to specific areas of our images, such as a sky or a foreground object. Selective adjustments allow you to fix or enhance specific areas in your image without impacting the rest of your image. The new tools in Lightroom Classic CC offer some tremendously powerful features (like Luminosity Masking) that I can’t wait to show you!


  • Using the three local adjustment tools (Brush/Linear Gradient/Radial Gradient)
  • How to make precise selections with the auto-masking brush
  • Modifying gradients with brushes
  • How to visualize your selection masks in Lightroom
  • How to create a “Select All” mask
  • How to create Luminosity Masks in Lightroom
  • Practical examples of local adjustments in photo editing

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