If you're looking for personal photography training to hone your skills, consider a private mentoring session. I will work with you online using screen sharing to help you with your images.

The topics are totally up to you, but can include:

  • Image Review & Critique
  • Post-processing & Workflow
  • Creative techniques with Photoshop and Plug-ins
  • Camera settings and techniques

I can also provide you with a image/portfolio review. In this package, you provide me with images and I will return them to you with a written critique. Image reviews can be combined with online sessions if you prefer maximum feedback.

Rates and Information

All mentoring sessions are by appointment only.

After you contact me, we'll set up an appointment time and I will provide you with payment information.

Live Online Training Sessions

1-hour live mentoring session: $75
2-hour live mentoring session: $125

Portfolio Reviews (offline)

Written critique/review (five images): $80
Written critique/review (ten images): $150

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