Video Companions to The Photographer's Guide to Capture NX2

nx2 tutorial videos
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Follow along with Jason Odell as he goes through the fundamentals and advanced features in Capture NX 2.0.
Each tutorial video is a high-quality QuickTime movie file that plays on your computer.

Topic Description
Auto Retouch Brush Learn to use the Auto Retouch Brush to remove dust and unwanted objects.
Black & White Conversion Make advanced black and white conversions and learn to do selective black and white effects
Color Control Points Learn the mechanics of how color control points operate in Capture NX
Custom White Balance Learn how to change White Balance in your NEFs and then copy custom settings to other NEF files.
JPEG Export Learn how to quickly save NEFs as JPEGs or TIFFs from the Capture NX2 browser
Landscapes A complete guide to editing landscape images in Capture NX2.
LCH Editor Learn how to work with the LCH editor tool.
Levels & Curves An in-depth look at how the Levels and Curves tool works and how it is used to improve image contrast.
Local Adjustments Learn how to perform common local adjustments like the graduated ND filter effect.
Picture Controls Learn what each Picture Control preset does and how to create custom Picture Controls.
Portraits Take an advanced look at how to edit and retouch portraits, including whitening teeth and removing wrinkles.
Printing Learn how to soft-proof and print your images from Capture NX2
Quick-Start Guide Jason goes through the basic operations of how to edit a NEF file in Capture NX2
Selection Tools Learn how each selection tool works in Capture NX2, including the selection brush, gradient, and Selection Control Points.
Sharpening Learn the fundamentals of Jason's three-step sharpening approach, and get an in-depth look at how the USM tool works.
Versions Learn how to create multiple versions of your images in a single NEF file.
Basic Workflow Walk through the basics of Jason's Capture NX 2 workflow from downloading images in Photo Mechanic to exporting into Photoshop.

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