Field Notes, an eBook by Jason P. Odell

©2011 Jason P. Odell Luminescence of Nature Press
ISBN 978-1-4507-9054-3

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Tech specs: 60 pages, Adobe PDF compatible file. 17.7MB download.

Join photographer Jason P. Odell as he takes you behind the scenes for some of his favorite images. Travel from Utah to Florida and visit landscapes and wildlife through Dr. Odell's lens. While each image tells a story, you'll also get the behind the scenes details for each photograph, including location, tips and tricks, technical data and processing notes. With Field Notes, you'll not only learn about what went into each image, but also good advice about shooting outdoor locations.

At the end of Field Notes, you'll find a complete set of Location Notes with maps, descriptions, and links to all the places mentioned in the book. You'll also see Jason's recommended equipment lists for each location.

Field Notes is available via electronic download and is compatible with Mac, PC, and readers that support PDF viewing, like iPad. Users may print a copy for personal use if they so choose. Print versions are not available at this time.

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"If you want to learn about the techniques and thoughts of an outdoor photographer, if you want to learn about potential locations to go shooting, or even if you want to just admire great photography and see how it was done, then I highly recommend this book."-- T. Michael Testi, USA

"Other photo eBook Authors should take the note – have the photos look like this!"-- C. Mielke, USA

"[Field Notes] is terrific. The "backstory" behind each image really brings to light the time and effort it took to plan out each shot."- S. Fong, USA

"I purchased it today and really enjoyed it. There were several ideas I look forward to trying..." --A. McDonald, USA

"I just downloaded Field Notes. Full screen expansion is a nice touch. Well done."--G. Dominguez, USA

" Thanks Jason for this ebook, that's very useful, as with your other ebooks. And the pictures are great"-- J. Bernard, France

Field Notes is an electronic file (eBook). It is not available in printed form. You can print it if you so choose.

To read this book, you will need:

  • Mac or PC computer with Adobe Reader 6.0 or later
  • iPad or other reader with PDF viewing software*

*You must download and save the file to your desktop computer FIRST (so it's backed up) and then transfer it to your device. I cannot guarantee functionality on all devices; I've tested Field Notes on an iPad using iBooks 1.2.

How to load Field Notes onto your iPad®

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  • Open iTunes 9.2 or later
  • Drag the document icon to your iTunes library. It will be placed in "Books"
  • Sync your iPad or iPhone
  • Open "Books" in your iPad
  • Go to your iBooks Library, and choose "PDFs" from the Collections menu
  • Read and enjoy.

Field Notes is now available directly from the iTunes bookstore for iPad users. Requires iOS 5 or later.