Master the Art of Long Exposure Photography

Stretching Time eBook Cover

Stretching Time: Mastering the Art of Long Exposure Photography

© 2015 Jason P. Odell
ISBN 978-1-4951-7560-2

Master the art of digital long exposures with the complete guide from Jason P. Odell. Stretching Time is an in-depth tutorial on the process of capturing creative and dramatic long exposure images.  quotableStarting with exposure theory and composition, and ending with post-processing,  Stretching Time is a complete reference manual for any photographer or enthusiast interested in creative long exposure photography.


  • How to use solid and variable neutral density filters in the fieldChicago Theater at Night
  • Composition and subject choice for long exposures
  • Camera motion techniques, including pans,  swipes, and zooms
  • Multiple exposure techniques
  • How to simulate a long exposure without filters
  • Step by-step instructions for creating layered composites  and time-lapse videos in Adobe Photoshop
  • Creative post-processing ideas for long exposure images
  • How to remove noise from long exposure images
  • Creating motion effects in Adobe Photoshop

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Specifications & System Requirements
  • 97 pages, Adobe PDF format
  • Full-color images
  • Printable in high-resolution
  • Requires Adobe Reader 7.0 or later (Mac or Windows PC)
  • Compatible with iPad and tablets using iBooks or PDF viewing Apps

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