Luminosity Masking Actions for Photoshop

Mastering Luminosity Masks CoverMastering Luminosity Masks: A Photoshop User’s Guide

© 2016 Jason P. Odell
ISBN 978-1-5323-0075-2

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Printable, 84 page PDF tutorial with Custom Photoshop Actions (Zip Archive, ~29MB download) 

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Mastering Luminosity Masks includes step by step instructions for creating powerful image adjustments in Photoshop with luminosity masks.

Luminosity masks are one of the hottest image adjustment techniques in Adobe Photoshop. These masks allow you to selectively apply adjustments and effects that are targeted to specific tone ranges, such as shadows, highlights, and midtones. These targeted adjustments are perfectly blended into your images without requiring brushes or other selection tools. Because luminosity masks are based on your own images, they blend in perfectly every time. With Mastering Luminosity Masks, you’ll quickly learn how to create 23 different luminosity masks and use them to adjust your images in Photoshop. I’ve also included a complete set of custom Photoshop Actions that allow you to effortlessly create all the masks described in the book.

With Mastering Luminosity Masks, you will learn:
  • When to use luminosity masks in your editing workflow
  • How to create the three major luminosity mask series, including zone masks and expanded midtones using Jason’s custom Luminosity Mask Actions (included)
  • How to use channels to store luminosity masks
  • How to use luminosity masks with the Photoshop Brush Tool
  • How to make adjustments using Blending Modes
  • Powerful image adjustment techniques including tone, color, and detail enhancements
  • How to apply luminosity masks to HDR images
  • Techniques for enhancing texture and sharpness
System Requirements
  • Adobe Reader or compatible PDF viewer (compatible with iBooks and most tablets)
  • Adobe Photoshop required to run the custom actions
  • Internet connection for downloading the eBook
  • ZIP Utility (to extract the book and actions files)
Technical Specifications
  • 85 pages, Adobe PDF format
  • User-printable
  • High resolution color graphics and photos
  • Indexed and bookmarked for easy page navigation
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Table of Contents 

Special Note: This product contains multiple files and is delivered as a ZIP archive.  To download the files to an iPad, you will need  a free ZIP utility, such as iZip for iOS. Android users should consider using WinZip. Otherwise, download and extract the files to a Mac or PC and then transfer them to your tablet device.