Guides to Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

lightroom-iconAdobe Lightroom is a powerful workflow environment that lets you organize, edit, and print images. It also integrates with Adobe Photoshop to provide even more flexibility for image processing. These eBooks and tutorials will go beyond the basics and teach you how to create fine-art quality images and master the art of post-processing.

  • Mastering Luminosity Masks (PDF eBook with Photoshop Actions) Mastering Luminosity Masks Cover Learn how to create and use luminosity masks in Adobe Photoshop to create powerful, targeted adjustments. Mastering Luminosity Masks provides step by step instructions, real-world examples, and complete set of custom actions for creating and managing your luminosity masks in Photoshop. $24.99  Add to Cart  


  • Moving to Lightroom (PDF eBook) This comprehensive manual will teach you how to import and organize your photos, and it includes a complete guide to the Develop Module for image processing. Includes custom Lightroom actions, too. $9.99 Add to Cart

  • Get beautifully sharp images using Lightroom.Get Sharp With Lightroom (video + PDF companion) An entire workshop dedicated to the art of non-destructive image sharpening using Lightroom 4 and higher $14.99 Add to Cart

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  • Photo Mechanic & Lightroom.001Photo Mechanic & Lightroom (video + PDF companion) If you shoot events, sports, or wildlife, learn how to use Photo Mechanic to review and cull your images before importing them into Lightroom and speed up your workflow tremendously. $14.99 Add to Cart

  • Photoshop Panel Effects Pack  Create 20 different triptych/polyptych (panel) effects in Adobe Photoshop using these custom templates. Includes PDF guide and instructional video. $9.99 Add to Cart

  • Layers of Creativity (QuickTime video tutorial) Go beyond realism with Photoshop and plug-ins. Learn how to work with layers in Photoshop to adjust images non-destructively and selectively, while creating unique effects with Nik Plug-ins. $14.99 Add to Cart

Special Note: Many of these products are  delivered as a ZIP archive.  To download the files to an iPad, you will need  a free ZIP utility, such as iZip for iOS. Android users should consider using WinZip. Otherwise, download and extract the files to a Mac or PC and then transfer them to your tablet device. See product pages for specific system requirements.

  • PDF eBooks require Adobe Reader 7 or later
  • Videos require QuickTime Player or compatible player application

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