Get Sharp with Lightroom (video tutorial)

Learn how to visualize sharpening masks and halos for optimal results.
Learn how to visualize sharpening masks and halos for optimal results.

Of all the elements of digital image processing, sharpening seems to be the most confounding. Applying proper sharpening can be the difference between a professional image and one that looks like it came out of a pressure cooker. Get Sharp with Lightroom is my two hour workshop that teaches you everything you need about sharpening with Lightroom 4 and later. I’ll walk you through each tool in the Detail Panel, and show you how to use the sliders to deliver sharp images in the context of the three-stage sharpening workflow as originally described by Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe, to include capture, creative, and output sharpening steps. I also discuss the noise reduction tools in Lightroom and how to best apply them. You will also receive a printable PDF notes package that includes all the settings described in the video tutorial.

You will learn:

  • Why we need to sharpen and how sharpening tools work
  • How the sliders in the Detail Panel work
  • Suggested sharpening settings for different image types
  • Local sharpening techniques and creative sharpening
  • How to use the brush to prevent sharpening artifacts
  • How to create gaussian blur and smoothing effects in Lightroom
  • Example images: Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife, and High-ISO images
  • Noise Reduction tools in Lightroom
  • Output Sharpening in Lightroom
Learn to eliminate sharpening artifacts on your images in Lightroom.
Learn to eliminate sharpening artifacts on your images in Lightroom.
Learn tricks to smooth skin and create gaussian blurs.
Learn tricks to smooth skin and create gaussian blurs directly in Lightroom.

System Requirements

  • This product is delivered as a digital download; ~638MB video and 8.2MB PDF file I recommend a broadband internet connection to download this product.
  • Video: 720p High Definition QuickTime (.mov) movie requires QuickTime Player. Runtime: approximately 112 minutes
  • Presentation Notes: Adobe PDF format; user printable

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6 thoughts on “Get Sharp with Lightroom (video tutorial)”

  1. Jason has prepared and excellent and thorough video on the why as well as the how to of sharpening. Not only will you be given instruction on how to sharpen a wide variety of images ranging from landscape to portrait, you’ll be given instruction on how to remove the unwanted effects of sharpening. You’ll gain new insights on global as well as local sharpening. You’ll also be provided with handy pre-sets which make great starting points.

    Get the accompanying PDF that Jason has prepared and take notes as you watch. It’s an great way to make a handy cheat sheet.
    The $19.95 you’ll spend is an absolute bargain. Richard

  2. Hello Jason,

    I would to say you a very very big MERCI for your great Tutorial “Get Sharp with Lightroom”. It is really a great masterpiece. It is really the first time I understand clearly sharpening in LightRoom. Very well explained, with clear exemple ! Thanks a lot for your great video. I hope to see more in the future ! Greatings from Geneva , Switzerland. Philippe Haake

  3. Hi Jason,
    Recently I bought your “Get Sharp with Lightroom “video tutorial and like it very much. The only question that bothers me is the lack of chapters in this video unlike all others that I bought previously from the luminescent photo. Is this intenionally removed or there is something wrong with settings on my MacBook Pro 13 working under Mountain Lion OS X.
    Will be grateful for your reply.

  4. Hi Marek-
    You’re right, that video doesn’t have chapters. Nothing wrong with your system.
    Thanks for the feedback; I’ll definitely make sure future videos have them.

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