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The Sensor Plane Photography Podcast #9

A trip to South Texas for birding means packing big glass and using the right settings. In today’s episode, I review the Think Tank Photo Airport Security 2.0 roller bag, and share my tips for getting sharp shots of small birds. I also share some of my images from this year’s South Texas Birding Experience photo safari.

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Rotorpixel Gimbal on the DJI Phantom 2 Vision

I just received and installed the Rotorpixel 2-axis gimbal for my DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. It was fairly straightforward to install, and it really smooths out the video. Unfortunately, I’m stuck inside today with 30 mph wind gusts, so no flying yet. I’ll have a follow-up report once I can test it all out in flight. In the meantime, I did put some video in the clip above from the Phantom 2 Vision with the gimbal installed.

The Sensor Plane Photography Podcast Episode 08

In today’s episode, I take a quick look at a range of high dynamic range (HDR) techniques. From working with single images to merging multiple exposures, HDR techniques can give your photographs an interesting look. You can vary this look from the extremely natural to the intensely surreal.

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The Sensor Plane Photography Podcast Episode 08