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Fuji X-T1 News: New body, New Firmware

The Fujifilm X-T1 (Graphite) edition offers some new features that will also be available to original X-T1 owners via a firmware update in December 2014. Image courtesy of Fujifilm.

Fujifilm announced a new color (Graphite) X-T1 body to be released later this year. While it looks really nice, it’s really the same camera as the original (black) X-T1, which I use as my primary travel/family camera. The bigger news, however, was a firmware upgrade coming in December that will match the original (black) X-T1’s features with its silver counterpart. I looked through the firmware features, which you can read here, and the following items caught my eye:

  • Electronic shutter option for fast primes: You will be able to shoot at a shutter speed of up to 1/32,000s with the electronic shutter. That’s perfect for using a fast prime in bright light without having to stop down. The downside is that this feature will only work with the 23 f/1.4, 25 f/1.4 and 56 f/1.2 Fuji prime lenses (I’m scratching my head on that one).
  • Natural Live View Mode: Because the X-T1 uses an electronic viewfinder (EVF), the viewfinder displays the scene with in-camera settings applied, like monochrome or “Velvia” mode. What that means is that sometimes the viewfinder image is too contrasty or saturated due to the chosen film emulation mode. Natural mode will display a normal image in the viewfinder, while the captured images will have the film emulation settings applied to them.
  • Linking the focus area to the metering area in spot metering mode: This is something my Nikon’s do, and it’s a feature I find quite useful. Currently, the spot meter uses the center of the frame, meaning you can’t just choose a metering area with the focus points without recomposing the shot.

Sadly, the one feature I really want, ± 2EV bracketing, wasn’t on the list. I hope Fuji reconsiders and adds this feature… it would make HDR capture so much easier!

The X-T1 (Graphite Silver) is available for pre-order from site sponsor B&H photo for $1499 (body only). You can also pick up the original X-T1 (black) in a new bundle with the 18-135mm zoom lens (highly recommended) for $1899.


Carhenge Photo Workshop Sept. 27-28

Carhenge: Sunrise, Sunset and Stars

Get creative photographing Carhenge Sept. 27-28th 2014.
Get creative photographing Carhenge Sept. 27-28th 2014.

Join me for a photo workshop at Carhenge, USA September 27-28th. We’ll photograph this quirky location (voted #3 quirky destination by USA Today) at sunset, and then after twilight we’ll move on to light-painting and astrophotography (star-trails and Milky Way). We’ll return the next morning for sunrise between the “stones,” followed by a special side trip to a tractor graveyard nearby. I’ve arranged special access to these locations, and the workshop is limited to eight (8) photographers! Hope to see you there! Click here for full details and to RSVP.

I've arranged special access to a tractor "graveyard;" perfect for HDR and monochrome shooting!
I’ve arranged special access to a tractor “graveyard;” perfect for HDR and monochrome shooting!



Just released! Lightroom workflow and processing guide

Moving to Lightroom: Image processing and workflow is mandatory reading for anyone wanting to learn how to manage and process their images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Moving to Lightroom: Image processing and workflow is mandatory reading for anyone wanting to learn how to manage and process their images in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

I’m pleased to announce the release of Moving to Lightroom: Image processing and workflow. While this book will be useful for any Lightroom user, I cover all the things I wish I had known before I migrated to Lightroom. This guide represents a view of Lightroom from someone who was starting out with thousands of previously edited images, and had to learn how to re-process them. I’ve taken my lessons learned and written a complete guide to image management and processing with Lightroom.

I’ve spent the last several years learning how to leverage Lightroom’s underlying database for managing my images, and how it beats a traditional browser/editor workflow system. I also learned a completely new set of image adjustment tools and a whole new image adjustment paradigm. I’m happy to say that I use Lightroom to adjust all my raw image files and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’m happy to share my knowledge of Lightroom’s tools with you in this new guide.

So if you’re new to Lightroom, or getting ready to migrate over from another workflow application, check out Moving to Lightroom. It’s sure to lower your learning curve and get you up and running quickly!

Check out all the details and order your copy today!

RIP Capture NX: 2006-2014

Capture NX is no longer supported by Nikon. It’s time to move on. Tombstone image used under creative commons license from Jo Naylor.
It was a good run, while it lasted.

Yesterday, Nikon released the final version of Capture NX-D, a free program that is essentially an OEM version of Silkypix. Although Capture NX2 still appears for sale on Nikon USA’s site, it’s unclear as to the way forward.

In case you missed my earlier review of the Capture NX-D beta, here are the salient points you need to know:  Continue reading