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Field Report: Caribbean Photo Cruise

A Caribbean Photo Adventure

Well, that was fun!

I’m back from leading a week-long travel photography workshop to the Caribbean aboard Liberty of the Seas. Many thanks to Dancing Moon Travel for organizing a fantastic itinerary for the tour group!

We departed the port of Galveston, Texas and crossed the Gulf of Mexico for two days. At sea, we explored photo opportunities aboard the massive ship, and I offered classes on creative composition, long exposure, and HDR capture techniques. Continue reading Field Report: Caribbean Photo Cruise

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Getting Great Holiday Portraits

It’s holiday portrait season again!

Originally published December 2010. Updated Dec. 9, 2016

‘Tis the season for family portraits.  If you’re like me, you’ve got friends and family who say “you’re a photographer, will you shoot portraits for me?”  Unfortunately, these people don’t always understand that photographing landscapes and wildlife is completely different from photographing people.  I mean, the camera is the same, but that’s about it.

So what should you do when asked to shoot portraits?  Here are some tips and gear recommendations that should get you started.

Continue reading Getting Great Holiday Portraits

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POTD: Belfast Blue Hour

Cars pass in front of Belfast City Hall at twilight.
Cars pass in front of Belfast City Hall at twilight. Nikon D750 with 16-35mm f/4 AFS G VR Nikkor lens.

I captured this image a few weeks ago on a visit to Ireland. Because I brought a small tripod (in this case, a Gitzo 1-series), I was able to set up for long exposure shots at twilight. The so-called “blue hour” lasts  only a few minutes and peaks about 20-30 minutes after sunset.

Discover the art of the long exposure with my illustrated tutorial, Stretching Time.

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