5 thoughts on “Total Lunar Eclipse!”

  1. We also were freezing ourselves to the frosty dead grass this morning. I wondered what was wrong with my setup, as I had not seen such a small moon before through the viewfinder. By the time I realized my TC-17 was not attached to the 70-200, but still inside in the bag, I was getting a bit frosty myself. Hardly any pink color here in Englewood, the best description I’ve heard so far was from Sid, up by the north gate of the Air Force Academy: “a bowl of vanilla pudding with strawberry glaze.”

  2. Awesome shots. We had too much cloud cover and rain to see it. Thanks for the great composite shots.

  3. Great shots Jason, I like both the 5 shot composite and the wide panorama shot. One question I have concerns the jagged edges on the moon in the photos. Is this due to the resolution of the uploaded images ? Be great to see the detail of the full size images. great work though, we didn’t see much in Southern England.

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