My Recommended Nikon DSLR Kits

Help! What gear should I buy?

I get lots of requests for what gear I recommend.  Well, the fact is that there are lots of great options out there.  If you are looking for a Nikon DSLR kit, here are some ready made “wish lists” for you to check out over at B&H Photo. These kits contain everything you need to get jump-started in photography, including cameras, lenses, tripods, filters, and accessories.  Many of the items in each kit are optional, so check your needs (and your budget) accordingly.

Recommended Nikon DSLR Kits

Obviously, you can mix and match items from these lists, but this ought to be a great starting point for most Nikon shooters. If you shoot with another brand, you can easily find the equivalent gear in most cases, especially with the 3rd-party lenses.

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14 thoughts on “My Recommended Nikon DSLR Kits”

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  2. Great list for the DX Landscape. Appreciate you helping me spend my end of the year bonus on the items I don’t have.

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  4. Thanks for some great tips and advice. I’m starting to branch into more birding from portrait work and I was wondering if for a little extra money would you consider a Nikon 300mm 2.8 AF over the 300 f4 AF? Both a lacking VR so I was thinking the extra lens speed might help, especially with a TC.

    Thanks for any advice.

  5. The 300 2.8 is definitely a better option for use with converters. The 300/4 is good with a 1.4x TC… the trick is to support it properly.

  6. Jason, I attempted to access the Nikon gear recommendations that assembles a shopping cart at B&H. None of the links seem to be working – it takes you to B&H’s site but no reference to the recommended products in the shopping cart. Is there another way to access your recommendations?

  7. The links should take you to a “wish list” that you can use to build your own cart. It won’t put these items into the cart for you.

  8. Hi there, I need some help. I want to buy a Nicon changing from my old Canon. I want to buy a serious camera, because I don’t want to have to buy again.

    I need to take modeling photos, athletic photos, cross country, photos, wild animals, and modeling studio photos.

    What do you suggest?

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  10. Hi Jason

    A few years ago, I ordered some ebooks from you and my hard drive has failed
    and I have a new computer and need to know if I can reload the material.
    Please let me know if this is possible.


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