The Sensor Plane Photography Podcast: Episode #3

Welcome to Episode 3 of The Sensor Plane photography podcast! Today, I’m talking tripods, heads, and why you need one. More importantly, I discuss the salient features to look for when choosing a tripod and head.

Audio only (mp3 format) download here

My current tripod recommendations

Gitzo 2542L Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs
Holds just about anything except for large lenses like 300mm and up. This has a center column, which I removed and replaced with a Markins baseplate kit.

Gitzo 3-series 4-section tripod (long)
This tripod can hold a 600mm f/4 in a pinch. It’s perfect for just about anything, and doesn’t include a center column.

I use Really Right Stuff ball-heads and camera plates/brackets.

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