Photo of the Day: Dynamo

Dynamo (click to enlarge image)


Steam Engine Dynamo, Western Museum of Mining & Industry, Colorado Springs, CO


The original shot was actually exposed at -2EV as part of an HDR bracket. I wasn’t happy with the results, so I took this one (the sharpest of the bunch) and corrected it in Nikon’s Capture NX2. I brought the exposure back to normal and applied a mild global sharpening ¬†(USM) step.

Next, I sent the image to Photoshop, where I worked on it some more. I used Photoshop for two reasons: First, I converted the background layer into a Smart Object, enabling the non-destructive application of filters and plug-ins. Second, in Photoshop I’m able to work with layers and blending modes to achieve creative results not possible in standard RAW editors.

I used Color Efex Pro 4 from Nik Software to apply Tonal Contrast and Dark Contrasts filters. Then, I added a Flypaper Texture in a top layer and set the blending mode to “Difference” to get the wild effect.

You can learn more about these techniques in my video workshop, Layers of Creativity. Or, join me in-person in Colorado Springs June 17-21 on my Creative Outdoor Photography Workshop.

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