Tip of the Week: Fixing Capture Dates & Times

Did you remember to set the clock in your DSLR for daylight savings time? Oops. Or did you just return from a cross-country trip, only to realize that all the timestamps in your shots are off by a few hours? This problem is easy to fix using Photo Mechanic’s “Adjust Capture Dates and Times” function from the Tools menu.

Just select the images that you want to fix, and open the Adjust Capture Dates and Times dialog and dial in your adjustment. Click “Adjust Photos,” and you’re done!

Update: Several readers have pointed out that you can also adjust capture times in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. By default, LR won’t modify the actual RAW file. It will instead write the change into the LR catalog. However, you can change your default Catalog Settings to allow LR to write the change into the RAW file itself. Use the settings as shown below.


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