The Photographer’s Pyramid of Success


The photographer's pyramid of success (click to enlarge)

I’m a second-generation UCLA alumnus. Last week would have been Coach John Wooden’s 101st birthday. I met Coach once, and it only took a second to know why he was so well-respected by just about everyone. Nevertheless, this is a photo blog, not a basketball blog. Coach’s legacy includes his iconic “Pyramid of Success,” which applies just as well in life as it did to basketball.

Here’s my version of the pyramid, for photographers. Obviously, you can use the original pyramid as a more philosophical guide, too.

“Make every day your masterpiece.”– John R. Wooden

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4 thoughts on “The Photographer’s Pyramid of Success”

  1. Ahh the good ‘ol days…Sidney Wicks, Lew Alcindor, Henry Bibby, Bill Walton, and Coach.

    Go Bruins! RIP Coach Wooden.

  2. Back in the day, shortly after the Wizard retired, I was attending one of the many, for me, Bruin home games at the old Pauley Pavilion. I was seated about five rows back and Coach Wooden and his wife came and sat next to my girlfriend and me. We chatted throughout the game about lots of things. The thing I took away from the most enjoyable sports out evening of my life was the seemingly endless positive attitude, and total emptiness of any negativity. What a classy gentleman, and the world could use a few more like him.
    Yes, RIP Coach….

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