Singh-Ray Announces Vari-N-Trio™ Filter

Blur water to the extreme with a Variable Neutral Density Filter from Singh-Ray

Singh-Ray have released a new variation on their variable neutral-density filter, the Vari-N-Trio.  This filter combines a variable 4-8 stop ND filter, polarizer, and now adds color enhancement filtration.

The Vari-N-Duo (ND plus polarizer) is one of my recommended filters in The Photographer’s Guide to Digital Landscapes; anyone who needs a super-slow shutter speed and polarization while shooting moving water will want to have one.  The Vari-N-Trio will begin shipping in limited quantities on December 15th, with full availability expected early 2011.

You can read more about the new Vari-N-Trio filter at Singh-Ray’s website.

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